Elijah "Now or Never" Premieres on PUREVOLUME.COM

NYC-based electro pop artist Elijah & the Grapes just released a new single entitled “Now or Never,” which is premiering at Purevolume.com. The track sound has been compared to artists like Chvrches, M83, Capital Cities, and Passion Pit. 

The project began when talented vocalist & songwriter Elijah Greene migrated from LA to New York in 2013, and quickly connected with KBV Records founder Tony Verderosa after performing a handful of solo shows around the city. “Elijah just clicked for us,” says Verderosa on the instant chemistry. Tony is no stranger to talent – as he previously worked directly with iconic artists like Katy Perry and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry as a Music Director for the MTV Music Awards as well as indie artist Kishi Bashi. Soon after signing with KBV Records, Elijah Greene entered the revered Avatar Studio in the fall of 2013 and began recording songs that he refers to as “spiritually lit. “These tracks lyrically have a spiritual undertone,” Elijah explains. “Opening up your soul to a new wave of consciousness.” “Now Or Never” is no exception, and will be followed by more new material throughout the summer and fall. 

A remix by Kaskade’s side project Late Night Alumni will be released in the coming weeks.

Shadow River - Video Featured


Music is taking on mental illness with #IWillListen, a powerful new album produced by KBV Records. The New York City-based label teamed with global ad agency, JWT New York to produce the album and video, which is being distributed for free to help the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) break the stigma of mental illness.

The lead single on #IWillListen is Boola’s “Shadow River,” an emotionally honest hip hop track with entrancing beats and lyrics that artfully captures the daily struggles that accompany mental illnesses such as depression.

#IWillListen: Songs to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness features Boola, Jeni Fujita, Jenna Kyle and Romans Are Alive.

KBV featured in ADWEEK "AD Of The Day" - PUMA

Agency: JWT New York
Director: Gerard De Thame
Production Company: Supply & Demand
Director of Photography: Mauro Fiore
Editor: Joe Guest
Post Production: Final Cut & The Mill
Music House: KBV Music
Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia

Puma is on a mission and it's calling on all troublemakers for a task that will most likely include "danger, risk and potential fugitive status." Sign me up! In the brand's latest ad, Puma plays up its rebellious side with brave, young, flashy athletes who trust their instincts, not necessarily the rules (which could be both a good thing and a bad thing, if you think about it). The world's fastest man, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, and Italian soccer bad boy Mario Balotelli—both athletes who are a bit familiar with controversy—entice viewers with hot tubs and scantily clad twins, who not only look sexy together, but also also speak in unison.

#ForeverFaster also features the Chiefs' running back, Jamaal Charles, and pro golfers Rickie Fowler and 19-year-old Lexi Thompson (though I don't know how much of a troublemaker anyone can really be at that age). This ad itself sets up as though these athletes are preparing for an elite mission to save the world with a James Bond-ish feel, rogue dialogue and "unlikely anonymity." Oh, and did I mention the half-naked girls in hot tubs yet? Puma is calling on those who remain primal, hungry and who want to win. Because after all, if you're not first, you're last.


Shoot Magazine features KBV Records

KBV Records Teams With Agency JWT And NAMI-NYC Metro To Produce #IWILLISTEN

Music is taking on mental illness with #IWillListen, a powerful new album produced by record label KBV Records, who teamed with global ad agency JWT New York to produce the album and music video, which is being distributed for free to help the National Alliance on Mental Illness-NYC Metro (NAMI-NYC Metro) designed to break the stigma of mental illness.

#IWILLLISTEN features KBV artists on the rise, each writing and recording an original song that sheds new light on a topic that often goes unmentioned. The #IWILLLISTEN album covers rock, pop, and hip hop songs contributed by Boola featuring Jeni Fujita (“Shadow River”); Jenna Kyle (“Keep Movin’ On”); and Romans Are Alive (“Cure for the Pain”). A music video for “Shadow River” was just released, directed by JWT's Ben Morejon.

KBV Records donated production and distribution of the record to the project, and collaborated on songwriting for several tracks. “We had a clear goal for #IWILLLISTEN: create great songs that would resonate with people,” Tony Verderosa says, Founder of KBV Records. “KBV sought out artists for this album that weren’t afraid to step up, take on a sensitive topic and relate it in a thoughtful way.”

The lead single on #IWILLLISTEN is Boola’s “Shadow River,” an emotionally honest hip hop track with entrancing beats and lyrics that artfully captures the daily struggles accompanying mental illnesses such as depression: “Shadow river found its way back again/Deep inside my heart I could feel it today/I thought I had it beat this time -- but ‘cha know/Water always seems to finds its way.” Director Ben Morejon’s newly released video for “Shadow River” evolves the campaign even further, taking viewers on a moving emotional journey alongside the artist.
Verderosa worked closely with Paul Greco, Director of Music & Radio at JWT NY, to make #IWILLLISTEN a reality. 

“We’ve collaborated with Paul on several ad campaigns, and it was a privilege to be invited to join in #IWILLLISTEN. NAMI-NYC Metro is an organization that’s deeply committed to what they do, so we were only too happy to deploy our full range of label services on this project: A&R, songwriting, recording, mastering and distribution.”

KBV Records was built from the ground up as a label that nurtures artists in a hands-on environment, with a proven track record in breaking and sustaining emerging bands. The label leverages Tony Verderosa’s deep experience as an artist, music director (MTV Video Music Awards), remixer (John Petrucci/Dream Theater) and record producer to create original music that stands out. “Music is a uniquely valuable asset in this campaign,” Verderosa adds. “From the reaction we’re getting to these songs, we know #IWILLLISTEN is achieving its goal – people are listening.”Click here to download #IWILLLISTEN free: http://naminyc.iwilllisten.org/